Countdown to June 24th...

We've created this blog as a way to share some of our experiences as we get closer to the big day. Also, this tool is a great way for all of our friends and family to keep in touch with each other, so please feel free to post comments and reach out to one another.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Toothaches & Soulmates by Petrina

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of a card I received from my parents to wish me well during the holiday in 2004. We are not at all a religious family. My folks raised me with the idea of creating heartfelt longlasting memories with the ones you love, they are sentimental and sweet. During Easter I grew up painting eggs, looking for them once they'd been carefully hidden, then eating copious amounts of chocolate...this was in a way, our religion.

This Hallmark card was a little bit different. It had a strong sense of hope...

A little background...I was single at the time, recovering from a steady stream of "not so good eggs" and unrealistic relationships. Let's just say I think the folks were gettin' a little worried. One of the lines my mom wrote in the card was:

""You will, when you least expect it, meet that SPECIAL someone that is right for you with all the values you need and deserve".

A week later.....along came Steve and the kiss that changed both of our lives forever.

Thanks Mom & Dad for not giving up hope and believing that someday I would find my prince (after kissing all those frogs, blech!)

Weird Coincidence?

Around that same time I started reading a book called "Soulmates" Following your inner guidance to the Relationship of your dreams by Carolyn Godschild Miller...I know, very "California".

As I was reading thru chapter after chapter, I realized that Steve embraced so many of the qualities I wanted in a partner and this was a feeling like I had never had before about someone...could it be real?

When the book came to an end, for some reason I wrote on the first page "Stephen John Root, June 24, 2004". I guess looking back it was my proclaimation that I had decided right then and there that he had a very high potential or was in fact for certain my soulmate.

Two years later to the day, I am marrying my soulmate on June 24, 2006.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Petrina, You're the Best!!

Have I told you, out there in blogland, I'm marrying the most wonderful woman on the planet? We've been engaged for just over two months and the invitations are already out the door. The florist, caterer, and location, etc. is all set. We went cake tasting last night and the web site is done. Life is GOOD!! I just wanted to tell everyone how much I love Petrina and how happy I am that we're starting this big adventure called life together. How come it took me 40 years to find you??? I love you Petrina and you make me very happy!

Your Dork Butt Steve ;-)